The Doodle Strap

 Has your child ever thrown his/her pacifier on the floor while you are driving only to demand (or cry incessantly) to have it back? Since I could never find where it went without endangering everyone else on the road, I decided there must be a way to solve the problem. The Doodle Strap was the product of my “Mom can solve this” determination and soon my friends were asking where I got it.

The contraption, immediately coined our “Doodle Strap” (more details on naming here) consists of two parts: the anchor, which clips to the neck of the car's headrest with a carabiner, and the adjustable strap, which loops around the pacifier. The two parts are connected by a side-release buckle that my child has yet to figure out. And if your child does, I’ll offer them a job. :)

The Hitch-It!
The latest addition to my “parental sanity saving” product line is the Hitch-It! a ready hook that extends the versaility of the Doodle Strap, allowing you to use it wherever the carabiner may not connect: strollers, high chairs, walkers, etc.
Invented by Mom. Made in the USA.
It doesn’t get much more local than that.
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